Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance – The Marine Insurance approach to decarbonization
15th Sept 2022
Start date: 15th September 2022, 19:00
Venue: ACM, Monaco
Speaker: Mr. Roberto Spanu, Head Marine Loss Prevention and Sustainability, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Topic description:

The Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance (PPMI) is an initiative committed to improving the role of maritime insurance in addressing global environmental issues.

They were developed in an effort spearheaded by global insurance institutions –  in collaboration with leading industry players, including shipowners and with the support of third party experts.

The PPMI offer a framework for insurers to assess and disclose the climate alignment of their hull and machinery portfolios, where climate alignment is defined as the degree to which a vessel or portfolio’s carbon intensity is in line with the two global decarbonization trajectories, i.e. the IMO’s goal of reducing total annual GHG emissions through at least 50% CO2 reduction in absolute carbon emissions by 2050 based on 2008 levels (the “50% Reduction Trajectory”), and the 100% CO2 reduction in absolute carbon emissions by 2050 to support the Paris Agreement (the “100% Reduction Trajectory”). Furthermore, the objective of the Principles is to use the knowledge on portfolio climate alignment to guide and support marine insurance clients on how do adopt and align their business with responsible environmental impacts.

Program: 19:00 Cocktail 20:00 Speech 21:00 Dinner

Price: Members: 80eur / Guests: 110eur

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CV: Mr. Roberto Spanu

In the shipping industry for 30 years.

Prior joining the marine insurance sector in 2017 as risk engineer in charge for strengthening the loss prevention process, he has worked  for shipping companies, starting as seagoing engineer up to reaching  management position then conducting his own consultancy company, in Monaco (Mc).

In his actual position, he’s in charge for developing and implementing the Swiss Re Corporate Solutions medium term sustainability strategy for the Marine Line of Business.

As member of the working group, he contributed in the drafting of the Principles’ initial methodologies and metrics.

Roberto is member of The Propeller Club of Monaco since 2010.