Sanctions Webinar
5th May 2022
Start date: 5th May 2022, 17:00
Venue: Webinar
Speaker: Mr. Daniel Martin, Global Head of Sanctions Team at HFW

Topic description:

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has triggered an unprecedented wave of sanctions imposed by the UK, EU, US and others. The wide-ranging restrictions, coupled with the rate of change, have led to particular challenges for the shipping industry. Daniel Martin will highlight the main areas of risk for the industry, and provide his insight into practical measures to mitigate the risk, as well as some thoughts about what might happen next.

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CV:Daniel advises traders, shipowners, freight forwarders, insurers and brokers on a host of regulatory and compliance issues, including international trade sanctions, export controls, customs and anti-corruption legislation. He advises on all aspects of the EU and UK sanctions legislation, and he is also familiar with the application of US sanctions to non-US persons.