The cyber-security hype: the value for money dilemma
24th Feb 2022
Start date: 24th Feb 2022, 17:00
Venue: Webinar
Speaker: John Sheehy, Research and Strategy Senior Vice President at IOActive - Nicola Fainelli, CIO at Scorpio - Thibault Millant, Information Security Officer at Scorpio

Topic description:

We are living the liquid IT era, where legacy local on-premises infrastructures and capabilities are progressively substituted by cloud based ubiquitous computing.

The shipping industry that moved later than other industries more IT driven, is now gradually adopting the IT liquid concept facing the need to cross-integrate processes, solutions and data outside of the traditional company boundaries.

The IT framework perimeter becomes blurry, increasing significantly for hackers the opportunity to penetrate, with consequences that can severely damage the Organization’s ability to operate.

But being complex quantifying the value at risk, it makes very difficult to understand how much to invest in cyber-security, in that remaining uncertain the level of protection effectively achieved.

During the webinar we will brainstorm on where to focus with priority and how to raise investment efficiency and effectiveness in cyber-security, while sharing some relevant threats and cases with the support of John Sheehy, IOActive Research and Strategy Senior Vice President, Nicola Fainelli and Thibault Millant, respectively CIO and Information Security Officer at Scorpio Commercial Management.


CV:John Sheehy
Senior Vice President, Research and Strategy.

In IOActive since more than 9 years, John works with clients in the Embedded Systems practice focusing on securing vehicles, industrial control systems, medical devices, semiconductors, and smart cities. In addition, John leads IOActive’s Advisory Services practice, which helps clients take a strategic, programmatic approach to securing their assets, environments, and customers. John has overseen multiple projects delivering identity management, threat modeling, industrial control systems security, risk assessment, security policy, secure device design, and incident & breach simulation and response services.

Nicola Fainelli
Group CIO

@ Scorpio since Feb 2017.
Previously in Andersen Consulting then Accenture since 1991 where he started as a programmer, he was promoted Technology Managing Director in 2007. Bringing >20 years of significant IT transformation initiatives supporting multinational companies in different industries. Amongst his experiences Nicola has been Finance & Operations competence lead for Europe / Product market unit for more than 5 years and more recently led the SAP Accenture Technology Finance Community of Practice for Italy, Greece and East Europe market.

Thibault Millant
Information Security Officer

Thibault joined Scorpio in 2018 where he started as a Cyber Security Specialist after being a Security Engineer / Penetration tester at Amadeus and Assistant Professeur TP Informatique at the ECE Paris Ecole d’Ingenieurs. Graduated in Computer Science at ECE in Paris, Thibault completed his studies with a GPA at the California State University.